Birth Stories (working title) is a multi-disciplinary verbatim theatre piece about the stories women share about labour and the effects these stories have on a woman’s experience of childbirth (in collaboration with 12 pregnant women who will study Fitzmaurice Voicework with Laura). The project includes teaching 12 pregnant women to destructure and breathe using Ftzmaurice Voicework for pain during contractions and the pushing phase of labour. My overriding theatrical interest lies in the stories we share as women about labour. In my experience the stories we hear before we give birth are filled with terror, immense pain and emergency. I'd like to see if this might change when a woman learns more about her own body - her impulses, her power, and sense of herself through the destructuring / restructuring phases of FV and how it might affect her own experience of labour and birthing when consciously applied. Birth stories are always the most fascinating and riveting stories to hear - and they also shape how women view themselves. I will be filming the 12 pregnant women before they learn FV to talk about their own contextual stories of birth, then throughout their pregnancies, and post birth of their babies. The material will be used in a performative lecture (or solo show with film).

From HERE To HERE is a site-specific promenade piece about what happens to our imaginations when we escape the city and enter the wild. The site is a 300+ acre farm in Prince Edward County Ontario and the project is in collaboration with Small Pond Arts with the support of the Ontario Arts Council, Festival Players and Theatre Direct.