Laura is a joy to work with, and doing Fitzmaurice work in preparation to stage a two-hander was such an asset. It allowed me to access deeper meanings of the text, to infuse the work with emotional resonance, and to build a deep foundation of trust with my scene partner.  Laura creates a safe, supportive space within which to work.
 - Nicole Fairbairn, Actor 

This work does make a difference.  As a performer it has taken me to a level that my competition should be concerned about.  As a lover...oh my word.
 - Brendan Beiser, Acting coach and performer

I feel like I am finally tapping into the uniqueness of me in my acting thanks to Fitzmaurice and especially Laura's teaching of the work. It's been a game changer for me. 
 - Sabrina Persaud, Actor

Fitzmaurice is a huge asset to any actor who wants to deal with anxiety, improve vocal resonance, or make their work more spontaneous.  Laura's understanding and enthusiasm about the technique and her students is infectious.
 - Aaron Hale, Actor